Bound for Hell

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One of the best novels I have ever read! So raw and emotionally heart-gripping, Bound for Hell is definitely one read you would not want to miss! It's really rare to be able to read a novel filled with so much pain and darkness, yet so much love and emotions too! Besides Kimberly Blalock's Our Sins and J. Kenner's Stark trilogy, I have a feeling the Bound Trilogy will be one of the best contemporary romance reads ever!" - Revenge of the Feels. 

Kinky and blazing, oh YES! This is not a story for the emotionally weak. With outstanding writing, amazing character development, and plot twists, Ms. Leigh brings her reader to the height of joy and to the absolute bowels of hell. Read it but have your tissues ready, and the ice. I will be reading everything this author writes in the future." - Julie Esparza ~ Amazon Reviewer.

Anything I could've ever imagined feeling for this book, times that by a million and it still wouldn't be enough... I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!" - Love Words and Books. 

You will experience every emotion imaginable as Kendra Leigh draws you further and further into the story. I highly recommend this novel as one of the top erotic suspense novels of 2015." - Passionate Reads and Reviews.

The build-up of tension and intense passion was oozing from the kindle that I almost thought I was there observing in the flesh...full of love, laughter, tears, mystery, secrets and PASSION. Oh yes the passion. Brilliant!" - Foxylutely Books.

The way Kendra Leigh told this tale had me captivated. Be prepared for well developed characters, interesting plot twists and lots of extremely hot sex scenes." - Two Fiesty Angels And A Devil.

Suspense, drama, romance and heat, those are the things that I crave, and let me tell you, Angelica and Ethan have that in spades! A book that will leave you wanting more." - The Book Fairy Reviews.

Bound for Salvation

Kendra Leigh knocked the second book in her Bound Series not only out of the park, she probably broke the bat in the process… One of the most turbulent, suspenseful love stories I've read to-date. There were times I had to shut the book and walk away to catch my breath, steady my pounding heart, and simply trust the author to get me through it." – Passionate Reads and Reviews.


Kendra Leigh delivers surprising plot twists that tease your mind and wrench your heart… She leaves you feeling like you were in a wreck. You know, that happy to be alive, but everything is aching feeling?" – Jessica ~ Amazon Reviewer.



 Kendra has this way of describing things that just make the pages come alive. The angst, the love, the power, everything is delivered with perfect clarity and beautifully."  - A Love Affair with Books.



Bound for Salvation broke my heart, ripped it out, and stomped on it, but then it put it back together again. It's full of twists and turns, danger, passion, and epicness. It is a beautiful, heart wrenching, sexy read that will keep you on your toes and wanting more!"  - Paige  ~ Amazon Reviewer.


Would I recommend this author: Yes! Ms. Leigh is a master at creating sexual tension between her characters and a storyline that builds on redemption and reconciliation."  – Twin Sister’s Rockin’ Book Reviews.


Bound for Salvation put my heart through wringer, it made it ache and burn, but it also warmed my heart and made it swell with joy… this book is beautiful and moving and full of life… truly a marvelous read." – A Hopeless Romantic’s Booklandia.

Bound for Nirvana

Bound for Nirvana is the culmination of one of the most romantic, most seductive, most suspenseful and riveting trilogies I've ever read. From the first page of the first book, Kendra Leigh sets the stage for an explosive series, and delivers a powerful punch to the heart at every turn. The pace is relentless, with twists you can never predict and outcomes you would never expect, taking the reader on an emotional rollercoaster of passion, lust, fear, anger, suspense, even terror." - Passionate Reads and Reviews.


The love between them was so intense, so strong and so emotionally powerful, it blew my mind away. Every steamy moment with them felt like I was on FIRE… This trilogy was one of the best and one of the most intense love stories I have read. I highly recommend this amazingly well-written story." – Coco.V ~ Amazon Reviewer.


It is amazing! This third book may just be the best #3 I've ever read…  Just absolutely stunning! Right up there with Sylvia Day and Meredith Wild, and way better than "Fifty Shades of Grey," of course!" – Danielle’s Domain.


This story is the last in the trilogy and I can say without a shred of doubt this was the best finale I think I have ever read… it was gripping and exciting, the sexual chemistry between them was depicted in such a way it blew my mind." - Lilian’s Author’s Blog.


Bound for Nirvana has got to be one of my favourite reads of 2016 and it will take one hell of a book to beat it! I don't think I have read a book that has had me holding my breath and gasping soooo much." – Laura Smith ~ Amazon Reviewer.


This is more than just a love story, it is a story that has suspense, mystery, tragedy, sexy scenes, a strong heroine, and of course a hotter than hell alpha male!" – Jessica ~ Amazon Reviewer.